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Automated Identification of Libraries from Vulnerability Data:Can We Do Better?

Preprint Code ICPC 2022

HERMES: Using Commit-Issue Linking to Detect Vulnerability-Fixing Commits

Preprint Code Video SANER 2022

Post2Vec: Learning Distributed Representations of Stack Overflow Posts

Preprint PDF Code TSE 2021

Out of sight, out of mind? How vulnerable dependencies affect open-source projects

Preprint PDF EMSE 2021

A Machine Learning Approach for Vulnerability Curation

Preprint Video MSR 2020 ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award

SIEVE: Helping Developers Sift Wheat from Chaff via Cross-Platform Analysis

Preprint PDF EMSE 2019

Recommending Who to Follow in the Software Engineering Twitter Space

Preprint PDF TOSEM 2018

APIBot: Question Answering Bot for API documentation

PDF Code ASE 2017

Cataloging github repositories

Preprint PDF Code Dataset EASE 2017